Portfolio of Cathleen Elizabeth Ash

Thank you for spending time reviewing all or some of the items in my e-Portfolio. What a ride! As with any endeavor in life, this portfolio sums up many of the elements of the last four years I’ve spent becoming a librarian - but not all. Indeed, with over two gigabytes of information in my “SJSU Folder” and over one and a half gigabytes of training and library-related endeavors in my “Irvington Folder,” there’s no way I could have shown you all that occurred. I simply picked the items that were best suited to each of the competencies.

If I have piqued your curiosity, or you still suffer from insomnia, feel free to peruse the many different aspects of, where all of these articles reside. One of the greatest indications of my ability to organize and present information is the simple structuring of my web domain: library-related, business-related, art-related, school-related, and other-related items have found home here, organized for easy retrieval, no matter how old the document, no matter how new the project.

One new project that did not come up in any of the areas, but is of great import to me now - and I believe will continue to be so in the future - is booktalking. As this project is currently underway, there is a distinct “lack of organization” to this section of my website. This, my final semester, I took a class I didn’t need for credit, but wanted - for the challenge, the learning, the benefits I could provide to my school and students. The class is LIBR 298 - an independent study where I am spending time with Dr. Joni Richards Bodart, and another SLIS student, Jonathon, to write and present booktalks and undertake a Reading Motivation Study. In addition, I assist Dr. Bodart with virtual classes using the Elluminate software. If you are interested in reviewing the booktalks I’ve presented to date, please visit Booktalks & Sound. These files require sound and run about two megabytes in size.

While I know that all aspects of this degree and the classes I’ve taken to reach this point have benefited me, changed me, made me a better colleague, teacher, librarian, and person, the best element of the program has been my new-found ability to share a love of reading with many. I have done it, for as long as I’ve been reading, in an off-hand manner. I’d share the excitement of my latest science fiction or fantasy book with a friend who would like it, or tell others about this cool, new author I’d come across.

Now, as a high school librarian in a school that supports reading (donating two thirty-minute periods a week to sustained silent reading), I can do this on a grand scale via booktalks and flashtalks (short, quick versions of booktalks). I can perhaps encourage a non-reader to try something that contains content he or she might enjoy. I can broaden horizons - or narrow focus during research, because, indeed, I AM a librarian.

Thank YOU for joining me on this adventure, and a big thanks to all of those mentioned earlier, who’ve supported me on this journey, a journey that continues. Be assured, I will continue to seek out strange, new life forms, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Your Librarian -