Competency K - Statement and Evidence

  Portfolio of Cathleen Elizabeth Ash

design training programs based on appropriate learning principles and theories;

The role of the librarian has clearly changed from Oracle (giver of knowledge) to teacher (one who shows how knowledge can be sought and located). A paper addressing this was completed in one of my classes (Magicians of the Future), and it addresses the multiple roles of librarians in the current school setting. Teaching and training are an integral part of all types of libraries, and the pedagogical theories that embody student-centered learning are the best to use when training. During any quest for information, there are gaps of knowledge. If these gaps include use of the tools available to find information, it is a perfect opportunity for a librarian to assist in training. There is a need to know (motivation) and opportunity (the person is ready to listen!).

In larger group settings, it is important that the students (be they adults or school students) are involved and actively engaged in their learning. Hands-on activities work best and are encouraged for any training or teaching endeavor. In the school setting, it is also important to align the teaching to national, state or local standards. In this way, the teacher (librarian) is required to focus the lesson on a specific goal or level of attainment for the students, and also meets the needs of the larger community by providing access to the learning of standardized requirements.

In addition to creating lessons that align to state and national standards for both information literacy and the core-subjects, I have also had the opportunity to implement school-wide lessons on information literacy. Outside of the school environment, I've had the pleasure of working with and training adults in research strategy and all of the steps involved in information-seeking. Various pieces reflect my ability to design training programs based not only on appropriate learning principles and theories, but also for a wide variety of clientelle. I have always told my students: "My goal is to work myself out of a job." I've then gone on to explain that if I can provide them with the skills to find information themselves, they will be able to do anything!

List of Evidence for Competency K:

Lesson Transformations A one-sheet overviews of lessons I've designed and implemented in the classroom.
RADCAB Training for Freshman Group Research (The Change Project)

The most recent Freshman Training program I designed for our 500+ freshmen students. The training typically centers around a benchmark project concerning environmental change.

The two training movies focus on research and citation. The citation movie was designed for students to use while online. Students could sit at a machine and follow, step-by-step, the instructions in the website's use.

Note: the movies are between 3 & 5 megabytes, be patient!

IISME Best Practices Lesson for adult researchers In the summer of 2006, I was a Fellow for IISME (Iniativies in Science and Math Education). As part of my employment at Intel Corporation (sponsored by IISME), I was asked to provide a lesson labeled "Best Practices." This is the lesson.
Magicians of the Future A paper discussing the various roles of the librarians in today's world, addressing, specifically, the teaching aspects of the position that are now a requirement - to meet the needs of the users.