Competency M - Statement and Evidence

  Portfolio of Cathleen Elizabeth Ash

demonstrate oral and written communication skills necessary for group work, collaborations and professional level presentations;

It's not enough anymore to simply have information or access to it, you need to know it, and know how to use it. The easiest way to demonstrate a clear understanding of a topic or item of interest is to teach it - or at least attempt to convey it. This applies to all manners of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written, visual, kinesthetic, and (in today's world) electronic. As if there weren't enough choices of types of communication, the electronic world opens a whole new panoply of choices: static or interactive, layout and design, content of a website, animated or not, and e-mail.

E-mail, while a widely used communication tool at the turn of this century, carries with it the burden of brevity. Unfortunately, too many users have misconstrued 'brevity' with 'inaccuracy' and often e-mails are rife with misspellings and horrendous grammar. The bad traits of many e-mailers have also carried over to posts on bulletin boards and blogs. This may, at first, appear innocuous, however, I experienced a prime example of the confusion that could ensue via these types of posts. A person was advertising (via a company bulletin board) that they had a "well-bread dog" for sale. It left the reader unclear as to whether this was a living, breathing, four-footed friend or a tasty pastry.

With a Master's in Teaching Secondary School English, and a number of jobs that have spanned the business, education, non-profit and international markets, I have become a master at communicating ideas, facts, and any other manner of material. I have created visuals for non-profit corporation training events (an osteoporosis foundation in Oakland, California), interactive training classes for the University of Phoenix on Verbs and their usage, and also co-edited the East Bay Women in Business Roundtable for the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, I've written a number of papers and even had some poetry published. Poetry is my hobby and a personal favorite past-time. It exemplifies all of the best parts of communication: really knowing and understanding a topic and using language and nuance to convey not only the information, but a sense of the topic as a whole. I consider myself an emulsifier - the salt of the communicators - because I can bridge different backgrounds, different learning and communication approaches - and make sense of (and convey a sense of) the topic in discussion.

List of Evidence for Competency M:
Collaboration, Conflict & Communication An essay addressing the need for clear communication to avoid conflict and increase collaboration.
Analyzing Teens and Policy Analysis of a Case Study.
Case Study Analysis & Feedback Analysis of other Case Studies providing feedback and improvement suggestions.
Weaving a Tapestry Management traits and styles reviewed in light of best practices for managers to embrace.
Video Presentation Feedback Presentation to class with feedback noted from classmates.
TeacherWeb Training Trained staff and parent-volunteers in the use of an online website for teachers. Marketed and tracked statistics for use of TeacherWeb over two-year period.
Evaluation & Reflection A number of approaches taken to gain feedback for lessons or interactions and the results
Booktalks & Sound A set of six booktalks done over the course of the 2006-2007 school year to both low and high level readers; these talks were part of LIBR 298 - a Reading Motivation Study.