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Where do I get articles? How do I know if they're good?
There are a number of good places to start searching for information! Ms. Ash particularly likes Opposing Viewpoints and the Student Resource Center. Of course, if you were researching a person, the Biography section would help you most! If you're not sure where to start - try InfoTrac



What about the Benchmarks? What about other major assignments I have to research?
There's a whole list here! Are you one of the many students involved in the Decades Project? Start here! What about the UN?


What if I'm not sure where to start?
Start with the overview of many website links by topic - already approved by Librarians! Or check out the Teen Scene Page with articles, databases and local assignment help.

Websites by Topic
Teen Scene

What if none of these pages has helped me?
Then try this! The Student and Teachers page lists great links to more information. This is where you can find the link to Student Resources, too! Be sure to try this link - it has a great database of information with easy-to-access magazines, newspapers, primary and multimedia sources.

Students & Teachers
Using Database
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What if I don't have an Alameda County Library Card?
Easy. Get one! It's FREE.

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How do I find an article on the InfoTrac Database?
Thousands of articles are YOURS - try searching the database.

Info Trac Tips

I found my article, now how do I cite it in MLA format?
Using InfoTrac Article and - see how easy it is!

Citation Tips