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Where can I find information about my career or hobby?

Where can I get ALL of the handouts at once (you said it would be in a zip file)?
ALL Documents (zip)
How can I get those cool sheets Ms. Ash used in November (broadening and narrowing my topic and evaluating my resources)?
How do I know the information is "good?" Can I get hints about surfing the web, too?
How do I log my sources so I can find the information easily?
Source Logs
I'm stuck already! Can you tell me what to do first?
Student Worksheet
I'm still stuck! What am I doing wrong? Can you give me a SIMPLE Strategy?
Strategy (keyword)
What did we actually cover on the training day? I missed it and want to know what we did.
Lesson Plan
I want to use my Alameda County Library Card to find the "good stuff." How do I get to the online databases? How do I use them?
What were those other good sites you mentioned?

How can I see those awesome movies showing me how to find books in the Irvington Library and how to think about research?
How do I create my visual presentation (PowerPoint)?

How do I even begin searching for information? Finding websites? Citing articles? Working on my Question? See the 2004-2005 Tip Sheet!