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2007-2008 Handout with Links/Ms. Russell's Questions
United Nation's Cyberbus - Countries at a glance
Country @ a glance
BBC Country Profiles
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World Factbook - CIA
Links to Fremont Main Library's Country Assignment Help Page
Alameda County Homework Link

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Community Involvement

Within each of our program sectors such as education and health, CARE operates community-based projects that work with individuals and families to overcome poverty. In more than 60 countries worldwide, CARE projects are providing an array of emergency relief, post-disaster rehabilitation and lasting solutions to communities' most threatening problems.


This interactive forum is designed to enable inspired people to contribute in meaningful ways to the world around us.
Be the Change

Seva's Community Self-Development Program helps communities develop sustainable solutions to address the cases and effects of poverty, injustice, exclusion and inequality.


Amnesty International monitors the state of human rights in more than 150 countries. Its research teams, which are based in London, conduct investigative missions throughout the world. (You can also visit their myspace page from off-campus at Amnesty International on MySpace)

Amnesty International

Grassroots International works around the world, currently focusing on rural communities in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. We have regional and country programs in Mesoamerica, the Middle East, Brazil and Haiti and an initiative on Eritrea.



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