MLA Help Sites

MLA Citation and Parenthetical Reference - NoodleTools

OWL (On-line Writing Lab) at Purdue University. Fantastic overview on MLA and APA, including evaluating, finding, citing, writing, and anything else to do with research papers!

A great, basic, visual approach to MLA citation.

An easy to use, excellent range of MLA formatting techniques. (This site also includes APA and Chicago Manual of Style). Also included elsewhere in this site is an explanation of how to cite the sources within your document! Very handy:

Great source for "how to" write an in-source MLA parenthetical reference. Not sure how to include your information in your paper? Go here!

Not sure how to cite that web page? Click on the NoodleBib MLA Starter (Free!) and then use this 'step-by-step' questionnaire to input the information - they'll create your citation for you! This site is wonderful for basic book and website citations.

This is my favorite online citation machine. Similar to, it allows you to fill-in-the-blanks to create your MLA or APA citation. The only drawback is it does not do "Title Case" well, so you'll have to check your capitals. It covers a much broader range of materials to cite.It was recommended by a senior at Irvington! Thanks for the tip :)

Not sure how to include a work in your Citation page? This index lists MANY types of media (from mp3's to to multiple chapters).