Oakland Orator
 Volume I, Issue 1



April 2004 

From the editor
    Apologies to all for the long delay in writing. Since you last saw or spoke to me, I've been busy enough to stay (for the most part!) out of trouble. This past summer found me in Washington, D.C. working as a "contractor" for the FAA. Basically - I was a data and PowerPoint geek. It was hot, they dress up far too much out there (hadn't seen a pair of nylons on years!) but the crew I worked with were all great people and made me feel welcome. It was pretty exciting - and I sure learned a LOT about telecommunications as it relates to our Air Traffic Control.
    In September, I was back in Oakland (did you know I lived in Oakland, California now?) and accepted a job with my old school: Irvington High School, as their Librarian. Yeah, go figure! In addition to actually receiving a paycheck on a regular schedule, I'm interacting with students again! A condition of the job was that I become a student, myself, so I've enrolled in San Jose State University's Master's of Library Information Sciences program. This (spring 2004) semester, I am taking two classes.
    So, in addition to working full-time, commuting (about 35 minutes when traffic is light; 2 hours when it is not) and taking graduate classes, I've managed to contract out a "Flash Job" to a company in Connecticut. The company is called TeacherWeb - and they provide easy-to-use web pages for teachers. I had to train our school (yes, 80+ people who hate computers!) on how to use it. In doing so, I created a "tutorial" and when I was done catching up on the new job (okay - so I'll NEVER be done catching up on it!) I sent a copy of the tutorial out to TeacherWeb, Inc. and offered to remake for them (in a "sale-able" format). The bulk of the project is done and they love it.
    Busy????? Just a bit. Can you say: no life? I promise to get one soon, though - and will keep you posted about that status!

Can you say: COLD?

Cathy spent some time back east, and is sorry if she missed you!!! Last year @ Thanksgiving she helped mom get ready for winter - and the list of things to do was long!

The winter before that (I believe we're talking 2002 here), found her back east in December, something she's promised NEVER to do again! In the middle of freezing, snow, and GREAT family & friends, a "hoodlum" picture was taken.

Most of you know Cathy is NOT really a hoodlum, but well, California gets to ya!

I know, it's not long enough...

...but tonight I have to finish a paper, attend a $5/plate nigerian dinner in celebration of April Fool's Day (my first night out in month's!) and get ready to rise and shine at 4:30 a.m. again tomorrow! Ah, no rest for the wicked....what can I say? I must have been really really bad!

If you want to call me - please do so! My cell number is (510) 435-2744 - but I do NOT get reception at home (ps T-mobile's rates are good but their reception sucks). I usually get the message the next day - and try to return calls around 11 a.m. when I'm off campus drinking coffee for lunch! Speaking of coffee - did I mention we're roasting our own beans now? Quite a gourmet experience - and cheaper than buying roasted beans!

More later, I promise!