Description of It

What it's all about

  • the program
  • the benefits
  • what I got out of it (surprise!)
  • the ETP (*some* paperwork required, of course!
  • The FUN: Midsummer, End of Summer, Cool People

What I did (that I can tell you about!)

  • Cube Cuteness (pictures from the front-line)
  • KTDW - Middle-Schoolers!
  • The Project (umpc)
  • The end results (or what I can show for my efforts!)
  • Teach-to-the-Future (what Intel can offer)
Best Practices
Teacher Training I did for IISME/Intel Group on July 6th.
15 Minute Research Tips - Includes Movies, Documents, Links
Cube Cuteness

I won, I won!

I tied for first place in the "decorate your cube" contest.
Of course it had aliens.

(and yes, this is more decorated than most!)


Teach to The Future
Two programs offered by Intel for Teachers to utilize technology. Samples of what finished products look like can be found on the Web Resources Update Page . If you take a look at products from Davidson County Teachers, you get a sense of what you can accomplish! (and some lessons you might use, too. Check this one out about recycling in schools, and the assessment sheet with it).