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Train-the-Trainer Model
Across the board, this was the most widely used method to disseminate skills, information, and strategies. A quick summary from a business
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My own design of it from discussions with Intel staff
NETS (use link to left - NETS - for easiest access)

ISTE’s Train the Trainers - NETS
Participants will receive a facilitator kit and have opportunities to role–play "How will this look back at my site?" Through independent and collaborative activities, they design an implementation plan for delivering professional development to their colleagues.

FEE-based company that provides tailored Prof Dev to districts/sites
Continuing education for K-12 teachers and school administrators through traditional and scientifically research-based distance learning programs, including Breakthrough Mathematics, which focuses on improving classroom performance by making the teaching process, and the way students learn, more explicit and visible.


Professional Development @ FutureKids
Training Phase - The leader of your technology team will participate in a personalized weeklong training symposium. During the training, your school's representative will gain the knowledge and all tools and curricula required to successfully carry out your school's new technology plan.


Students work with teachers to bring effective technology into the classrooms and libraries.


Generation YES provides intensive professional development and startup support for your Generation TECH program. An experienced Generation TECH master trainer will personally provide training and support to introduce the tools, curriculum and program to the designated Generation TECH teacher (or advisor). Program start-up issues are addressed, along with security and individual needs. (Optional on-site workshops are also available. See details below.)
Training & Support
Optional A - On-site, hands-on workshops
A full-day on-site workshop is a valuable addition to the basic Generation TECH license. Program start-up issues are addressed along with security issues and individual needs.
Option B - Single school workshop.
Your Generation TECH master trainer will work side-by-side with the designated Generation TECH teacher throughout the school day, teaching the tools to students, and modeling the instructional pedagogy of the curriculum to the teacher. The day includes a 2-hour workshop for staff and administration to address issues of logistics and security at the school site.
Option C - Multiple school workshop.
Your Generation TECH master trainer will work with up to 20 teachers and staff from multiple schools in a single day workshop at your training site.


Doing it Exponentially
"One of the reasons it will work is that a lot of effort will be put into teaching the teachers," said Negroponte. One of the ways to teach teachers is to have a couple of people from MIT go to that country, spend a month with the 30 most enthusiastic teachers that can be found. After a month, maybe 25 of the 30 people would qualify to teach 30 people themselves. So you do it exponentially, and then with four cycles, you have 100,000 teachers."

2005 National Educational Technology Plan – “success stories” from the Department of Education about implementing Teacher Training ideas and partnerships