Doing Dewey!
Review Fiction/Non-Fiction differences, Dewey Decimal numbers. Click through entire site (use bottom right button to go to next page). When you get to "Dewey Home", be sure to read the Alien story and look at all the breakouts of the 100's
Review the Dewey "Hundreds" and then click on ten divisions to get a further breakout of the Dewey numbers by "Tens"
Try out this Concentration Game based on matching Dewey hundreds with subject headings - you should know these now!
A couple of rap songs listing the Dewey hundreds
This extensive multi-media tour of the Dewey Decimal system, and why it's needed describes the need for organization and how the DDC is set up. Go through the first four links on left - at least!

Interactive Dewey Practice Activities

Starting at the most basic and working toward more difficult placements, alphabetize various words
A break out of the Dewey system by ones! (click on any of the 10 categories to see a more detailed list)
Builder Ted plakces bricks to build his house up in Dewey Decimal Order. Watch out if you place on incorrectly! There are three levels here. Practice, practice, practice....
Worksheets (three) at bottom of page under Library
Another alphabetizing practice area (uses "card drawer" that no longer exists, but still helpful with alphabetizing!) Note that when you click on a card, the word is placed BEHIND it.
Walk through the steps of locating a book on the shelf by the Dewey Number (again references "card drawer" and "cards" that are outdated - but VERY useful nonetheless)
Organize four words BACKWARDS (Z to A) - great test of skill!
block words to be placed correctly for alphabetical order


DEWEY EXAMPLE - Broken down to specific location!

Topic breakdown in Dewey (DOGS as example):

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