Animate This!


Intro Self ( / All About ME / Likes

Goals of Day

         Animoto Sign-up as Educator / get coupon for 50 students

         Audacity & Lame download (using I-Tunes to get around locked software installs!)

         Find This Lesson Plan & Links later @

         Bring it up now: backchannel @

Creative Process (& Copyright Technicalities)


         Freedom Unit Sample

Lesson Process with Students (& YOU today!)


         Rubric (Rubistar)


         Copyright Legal (halfway down Fair Use Section best synopsis!)

         Getting Assets

o   Saving & Naming (keeping track of files)

o   Clipping & Snipping (using Audacity)

         Placing and Playing

         Render & Download


         Group Share (upload to YouTube or TeacherTube, place URL in backchannel)

         Additional Cool sites generated by audience (same backchannel)!


Additional Tips/Tricks if time

         Convert This

         Movie Maker edit of Animoto movie